Gaudi Gorgeousness

The Barcelona adventures continue!

We’ve been having a grand, grand time.  I have eaten so much jamon recently I am surprised that I don’t communicate in oinks. 🐷

The food here is pretty amazing. Every meal I think “wow this is the best food I’ve eaten here.” And this happens three times a day. I’m going rather bonkers about it.

Enough about the food. As I’ve said mum is the food expert, I just nod my head and eat it all.


Antonio Gaudi is pretty much a saint in Barcelona. His work is beautiful, confounding and dramatic.  Each of his designs integrate light in a way that we think is impossible.  He’s famous for taking Art Nouveau style (think the Paris Metro signs) into his own dream-like interpretation.

Mum and I managed to make it to a House Museum of one of his designs. And you all know how much I love museums and snooping around peoples houses.  FYI, if I have been to your house I have likely seen every room and opened all the cupboards #sorrynotsorry.  I love house museums because I can do this legally rather than cat burglar style.


Casa Batllo

This house is actually run by the family that owns it! It’s not publicly funded which is super unusual.  At the start of the tour we were given the audioguides- no opting out. You may know my feelings about these, aka the Whispers of Satan. It comes with a virtural tour on the phone as an app.  Which I admit was pretty cool. It let you see how the home would have looked with furniture and without the tourists.  The whole house has a underwater theme that moves fluidly (pun intended! hahahahahahahaha).

Some photos:


The last one is a view from the roof! Check out Mum’s sweet, sweet whisper guide.

Rating: 3/5

Pros: Stunning and imaginative, cool view of Gaudi’s complete vision, fun visual interactive by the laundry rooms

Cons: WHISPERS OF SATAN, no info other than on the guides


La Sagrada Familia


So, I know ya’ll were waiting for this!  As many people say, “it was way better than I expected.” And it was. For realzies.


It was Gaudi’s final product and a testament to his Catholic faith.  The Basilica is projected to finish around 2050 and work began around the 1880′s.  So like many great cathedrals and basilicas, its construction is beyond that of one person’s life or vision. (See the book/ mini-series Pillars of the Earth if you want an idea of the life of a cathedral. Also, HAYLEY ATWELL is in the mini-series so you must immediately go watch it!)


As with the Casa Batllo, I was super impressed with the light in the basilica.  It’s beyond my puny imaginings to understand how effective it really was.


I mean look at that rainbow realness! It’s stupendous


Check it out if you get a chance! We got our tickets online for the opening time at 9am. So very un-Spanish of us. It meant we were able to walk around without throngs of tourists. Yuck. Cause obvs we are the best tourists ever. This statement was previously stated and I believe bears repeating in this instance.

I feel weird rating a church so I refuse to do it.

Also, Cool Pope Benedict consecrated the church last year! So its officially legit.


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