El Greco and House Museums

Welcome to Toledo, part 2!

Where we visit two different Museums. What a surprise!

Museum of Santa Cruz

This museum, named after my hometown (JK), features a wide range of Art and artifacts from the period when Spain was ruled by the Hapsburgs.  The museum itself was a hospital and a refuge for the little people in the multiple wars that have moved through Spain over the centuries. Its donors liked to give art and stuff so they have a pretty sweet collection.


Rating: 2/5

Pros: Cool collection, great labels. El Grecos! The main hall was stellar…

Cons: but everything else was a bummer as part of it was closed and we were never told why or anything. Also a room that said it was open was firmly locked. We and and another family were pretty confused.

Museo El Greco


The artist known as El Greco, lived and worked in Toledo, Spain for most of his life in the later half of the 15th century.  He was originally from Crete, hence “El Greco.”  His work is remarkable and unique with its elongated forms, beautiful hands, luminescent beings and striking colours.



The Museum stated as El Greco’s is supposed to be his home.  The gentleman who founded the museum in the 19th century certainly thought so. But, alas, this complex was not the actual home of El Greco, which was only about a block away.  It’s pretty cool because even though the Museum is not El Greco’s it is one of the first real House Museums as we know them.  It uses period pieces to furnish the home as if the owners just stepped outside.




It also housed some cool modern museum ideas and an art gallery to show off their collection of his original works




Pater really liked the video that was a detailed visual analysis of his work and its uniqueness.




Can you guess which of these two was by El Greco?

Also, the creator of the Museum is renowned for having a nice garden for the visitors to lounge in. It was also beautiful!



Rating: 5/5

Pro: Just super well done all around. We all loved it!

Cons: Kids may not enjoy the gallery as much as the house. No shop or cafe!

If you can do it, go there!


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