Parting is such sweet sorrow

The next chapter of my adventures have begun! Today, I had to say goodbye to my wonderful travelling companions- Mum and Pater. I am sure you all have been enjoying our group antics.




We have had a fantastic time! But, I won’t be able to see them again ’til December most likely.  Goodbyes are always hard on all of us. I really love my parents and adore them as people.  We have a shockingly good relationship which makes it even harder to move yet again to another country on a new continent.




I am really excited about moving here, going to school and getting to know a new city. Though I sometimes think that I have exploded my life for the great unknown. It’s scary and exciting. I hate leaving all of you, again for some of you.  For all the doubts and panic I do know I have made the right choice.  UCL is going to be great and I’ve seen so many more museums here in a short span of time than I could almost anywhere else. It’s a honour and a privilege to be on this path. My parents (and you! yes you) have been incredibly supportive in pushing me to this new place in my life.




That said, as Mum and Pater are now flying over the Atlantic, I get a bit of time to myself before I start school in late September!

I’m currently in London (their tickets were from here) and am heading to Berlin tomorrow! MORE MUSEUMS! I’ll be meeting a friend there then heading solo to Vienna. EVEN MORE MUSEUMS!!!




I get to move into my housing on the 5th so I’ll be back to get settled in. Be prepared for a ROOM TOUR!

Thanks Mum and Pater! It was grand. Love you guys


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