London Museum of Transport- Late Night!


I went to my first Opening here in London Town! Woohoo!

I invited fellows from my cohort but no luck. I went all by my lonesome and had a good time 🙂



For those of you wondering, *cough* MUM *COUGH* I did talk to people okay?

I just didn’t make any lasting friends or anything.  I’m perfectly fine going by myself. Promise.

The London Museum of Transport



It’s located in Covent Garden and covers the history of the Tube, Buses, Thameslink among other things.  The building is in the old Covent Garden Flower Market.  This Late Night was for the opening of Night Shift. An exhibit about how transport is integral to making London a late-night town.




I went on the curator’s tour, by Veronica Dominiak, and had a lovely time.  She mentioned how it was really the use of electric lights that brought the city to life.  Many of the transport ads focused on light and the well-lit areas of London that would attract locals.



This piece was cut out of one sheet of paper! Amazing work by the “Paper Dandy” aka Marc Hagan-Guirey.

I loved seeing all the posters, some of which are for when the Tube begins its night service.  It’s a bit contentious starting this service, and some strikes have already occurred. But the general vibe seems to be positive!




They had fun glitter-filled cocktails, make and takes that fluoresce and fun music.  I went to a talk about things to do at Night in London by the Editor at large of the Londonist (where I actually found out about the opening).




Overall, it was really fun! The display was lovely and the whole museum is pretty cool.  I enjoyed learning about the history of the Tube and all the design that has gone into it.




So snarky! Love it.




Rating: 4/5

Pros: Fun interactives, lots of buses and tube cars to walk into.  I liked the current developments and future of transport section a lot!  Excellent Shop!

Cons: It has a lot of mannequins inside the train cars. They scare me, a lot.  They layout was rather confusing- I needed more traffic signs!


The special exhibit was fun, well organized and beautifully put together. If you get a chance to go I suggest it!

Also, the Late Night was really well done. Had a great time.



PS: There used to the be a British Museum Tube stop in the Central Line! Where did it go? Come back please!


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