Proper names and stuff

So, I’ve got some not very surprising info.  Shockingly there are different names for things here! It’s like they have colloquialisms and shit.


Here are some of my favourites:


Zucchinis are now Courgettes. How fancy is that?


Baked Potatoes are now Jacket Potatoes. I keep imagining potatoes in tiny jackets.


Washrooms are now Toilets. Blunt and straight to the point. I had thought they’d be called Loo’s!


Arugula has become Rocket (but is still sometimes Arugula).


Peanut Butter comes in tiny packages.  It’s like the kid size version compared to my usual super size…


Free museums are a thing! 🙌


Most building doors do not follow the North American standard of Pull to enter and Push to exit. It’s rather frustrating and causes back-ups, confusion and mass hysteria.


The term biscuits only applies to specific cookies (those that are small and flat, sometimes they are stacked).  All the others are still called cookies. Example: NA would call shortbread “cookies”, but in the UK those would be called biscuits. Chocolate chip cookies are unanimously called cookies (THEY AREN’T ALWAYS FLAT OKAY?)


And now I’m hungry.


I’ll update with more of these as I discover them!


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