The Geffrye

The Geffrye is a museum of interior home decor! Specifically British, middle class from the 1500s onwards.  It’s located in old almshouses that were for aging poor without families to care for them.  So its pretty cool due to the history of the space and its theme.




Naturally, the chapel is the focus of the whole complex! The statue is of Geffrye who was the Lord Mayor of London.



They make use of a lot of cool display methods.  This one is the more traditional style.  The whole experience is organised chronologically.  The chest in the bottom right is actually a Tea Chest! Only the lady of the house had the key.




This chair you could actually sit in!  Those Victorians knew what they were about- so plush!




1830s Drawing Room.  It’s great to see all the pieces in situ.  You get the feeling as if a family is just about to come in for their meal or something.




This is the garden reading room! The gardens are also done just like the period rooms although they are closed during the winter.  I could see many of them from here.  They even had another reading room with works about home design and decorating.




1790s Parlour. Look at those more muted colours mixed with dark wood. So lovey!



1910s Living Room! Check out the Christmas decor! They had info about all the different traditions of different periods.  It was a fun way to punch up the experience and make it interesting for returning visitors.

Rating: 4/5

Pros: Great way to see different decor styles, amazing shop! I got some great postcards, it really easy to get to,  cool cafe/ restaurant, loved the integration of new exhibitions

Cons: You have to enter and exit down the same long hallways which can be clogged with people looking at the rooms.  They’ve got a grant to expand so that may be rectified.  Also, the rooms decorated like when it was an almshouse only get special tours a few times a year. I’d have liked to seen them!


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