Emerging from my Hobbit Hole

Hello lovelies!


It’s so nice to see you all! My coursework for my masters has ramped up so I’ve been more sporadic about posting. Though perhaps you have not noticed? GOOD!  My evil plan of posting filler photos posts is working ! Clever, eh?




So in short, I have been in full work hard play none mode in order to finish up four very different and detailed projects.  Blergh. I kid! (not really)


Though I must say *having* to visit lots of museums is a wonderful way to do research. Makes me sound so fancy and shit. Living my dream really.

Anyways,  I’ve got big plans over the holidays to actually emerge from my cozy little hobbit hole and go on more museum related adventures! Woohoo!!


and best of all,


Mum and Pater will be joining me!!! SURPRISE. They’re arriving today and I am SUPER excited.  They are too, as you might imagine.



Let the games begin!


Also, just a note from me to you:

Need something to talk about with your family over the holidays? Send them a link to my blog!

Want to entertain children with pretty pictures? Send them to my blog!

Bored and need something to do? READ MY BLOG

Thanks team!


And have a happy holiday season or whatever!

Hot tip: Looking for a great gift idea but having trouble? Get them SOCKS! I highly recommend this and so does ⚡️ Dumbledore ⚡️


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