Fun with Freud

More Reading Week adventures!


Freud Museum London



As you would expect, this museum is dedicated to the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud!  It was his home for the last year or so of his life.

Now, perhaps you are thinking, “Freud in London? Didn’t he practice in Vienna?” and you would be correct! Nice job!

Freud, with his family, moved to London to escape persecution from the Nazis.  He was famous enough and had enough good contacts that they were able to bring most of their belongings with them (unlike most other Jews).



Freud moved to this idyllic home in Hampstead with his daughter Anna.  Some of these plants are original!


Anna Freud was a famous psychoanalyst in her own right. She focused on children and development. She ran children care centres in Hampstead!  She resided at this home until she died.  It was with her impetus that the museum as we know it today was created .




I really liked this display as I am a sucker for family trees with photos. It was great!




This room was Anna’s! It was her consultation room and contains lots of her personal items, including her couch. The chest on the right is from her vacation home in rural Austria.




One of the most amazing things about this museum is the artwork!  The museum actively encourages artists to interact with the museum, the house, the items and Freud’s legacy. It’s super cool!




On the ground floors are Sigmund’s library and analysis room- pretty much as he left them. No photos were allowed inside 😦 But it’s super cool and I got to see THE couch. The one than inspired thousands of jokes.


Rating: 3/5

Pros: Great use of art, lovely collection, cool building, nice shop, lots of places to sit, easy to find, nice video room

Cons: I wanted more about Anna and her work- more than just her room, the garden was closed, awkward set-up to buy tickets- you had to go to the back of the house


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