Homesickness & non-places

This week I was not able to make it to a new museum unfortunately. I know how you all wait with bated breath for my updates. You beautiful internet void you. By the way, you look really nice today!


Instead, I’m doing a personal post. About me. Cause this is my blog. My name’s even on it!


Anyhoo, I got a stomach bug this week which meant I missed my FIRST class since I’ve started this program.  I’m all good now but I still have the lingering effect of sickness inducing homesickness.


They say, ‘Home is where the Heart is’. The trouble is that I have left pieces of my heart in many places and with many people.  So instead I’m missing the concept of home, my friends, my loved ones, my dearly departed pets and all my old haunts and routines.  There’s no one place for me to go back to that would alleviate it.



My rather out of the box solution was to go to a non-place to centre myself again.  The non-place is a concept by the French philosopher Foucault (YIKES). I studied him A LOT in my undergrad (begrudgingly). Anyways, back to the point of this post. The non-place is a concept that deals with places, moments or ideas that are in between (like say an airport, train station or even a supermarket). It’s a place (for the purposes of this post) that brings things together that may not usually be.  It stands out because in a way it could be anywhere in world and still be itself.

‘So where did I go?’ you ask, my dear reader. I went to the greatest non-place of them all!

IKEA ikea Ikea

I went to the magical world of Ikea. Like a good non-place, it could be any Ikea in the world and it would still be the same.



I had some meatballs, bought a very cool bath mat (its a heart!!!) and took myself out of London into a non-place.



My homesickness isn’t gone by any means but it’s better. As much as I miss everything, I am so happy to be here in London. It’s amazing but it isn’t home or at least not yet.

So if you are wondering- yes I do miss you!

I miss you and wish you were here


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