Into the land of children

Hello again, internet void!  Due to school deciding to consume all of my time and twisting my ankle last week I have not been keeping up on the blog as much as I would like.


That said I finally did something blog worthy!  Without further ado:



This isn’t strictly a museum but its close enough for my purposes.  Kidzania is a kid sized city where they get to try out various jobs!

Normally I would not be allowed in as I am not a child but they had a late night event for adults only! It was pretty great.



It’s a whole kid sized city! It is all indoors and has a city centre square, fire brigade, hospital, hotel, radio station, grocery store among many other things.  For this adventure, I went with one of my lovely friends from my class: Lex!  We had a great time.



Kidzania is located in the big Westfield Mall.  The entrance from the mall is made to look like an airport with passport checks and everything!



We even get money- Kidzoes!  Different jobs allow you to either make money or spend it. Lex and I made loads of Kidzoes as you can see:



Lex and I stopped at the Cadbury factory first to ‘make’ chocolate. We also painted in the art studio. You could paint the walls and windows!



We also got to work at Al Jazeera and report on the weather, be couriers, get tattoos, style a models hair, and went on a local bus tour.  Lex even got to be the victim in a fire! It was hilarious.



Me as your local Vault Guard! It was a pretty sweet gig. We had to check for counterfeit Kidzoes under blacklights and everything.


Rating: 4/5

Pros: This place is amazing for kids! Everything is kid sized and the staff are really great. Lots of fun and excitement and really well organised.

Cons: It is very much for kids- you can’t go in without them! It would also be super creepy if you did.


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