So if you follow my instagram you already know I was lucky enough to visit Thailand in the first week of May. If not, FOLLOW ME ON INSTA! Please (@liberteoflondon) ?!? I’m still attempting to get more followers than mum. Help a girl out? You can follow mum too if you like (@diane.lamotte). Just to be fair and all that…

Surprisingly I managed to visit only ONE museum in my eight days in Thailand. I can’t believe it honestly. Do you even recognise me? It’s very off brand for me.

Some context:

If you know me in my human form you’ve likely heard that my bestie of 10 years (HOLY COW) lives in Thailand and is teaching english! No? Well, now you do!

I hadn’t see the lovely Eva in almost two and half years. We have this problem of living in different countries and continents. Luckily we have skype, facebook, etc. Basically I went to see her and her wonderful bf Dan.

I had a fantastic time but it meant that my priority was not to visit museums, eat/pray/love or become a white girl with dreads. Dan and Eva showed me all around their city it was so beautiful.

Enjoy all the upcoming photo posts and single, lonely, solitary museum review.


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