Modern Glasgow

I found the statue! This is one of the most iconic images of Glasgow (yes the cone is part of it). Locals have long placed a traffic cone on the Duke of Wellington. It also lives in front of the next museum I visited!




Gallery of Modern Art


The Gallery is in a very neoclassical building – columns, capitals and full wannabe ancient Rome. Not to worry – the inside is about as modern as you get!



Most of the work on display is by living artists! The most recent date I spotted was actually 2015. As they still retain copyright/ trademark – you cannot take photos of much of the work.



While modern/ contemporary art is not my favourite (sorry but I love the history bit of art history), I love the combination of the old building (meant to look even older) and new art.



I mean look at this entry hall! Those mirrors are fantastic, fun and highlight the architecture and fellow visitors.

Rating: 4/5

Pros: Interesting and very contemporary collection, highlights local artists, cool building, great location, friendly staff, cute shop, nice cafe, adorable kids area

Cons: high concept (a lot of it went over my head), building layout was a bit confusing, the pieces took up a lot of wall space (I think there was room for more of their collections)


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