Gothic and Neo-Gothic Castles

I headed off to a day-trip to the beautiful city of Cardiff! I hadn’t been to Wales yet and it seemed smart to visit before I forget.

Cardiff Castle

In the centre of Cardiff sits a castle. Can you guess its name? Shockingly it’s Cardiff Castle!


The best part of this castle is that there is a CASTLE inside the CASTLE



The old inner keep! It has great views – to better see enemy attackers. You can climb to the top.



During WWII the outer walls were used as shelters. They recreated the experience through sounds. Mildly terrifying when you are walking the down a cold, dark hallway alone. But cool!



This is the more modern part of the castle – or at least some parts of it are.  It was expanded and done in a neo-gothic style. It served to make the more modest historic bits look like grand historic bits.  That said the stained glass was fantastic.



Look at this little alcove! So lovely. The stained glass features historic kings and queens of England, naturally highlighting the important role of Cardiff and Wales.



The grand hall! The murals were lovely as were the holiday decorations. All the rooms were incredibly beautiful. The gold leaf and colours are bright. The staff were really kind and easy to chat with.

Rating: 4/5

Pros: Historic place, cool buildings, great location, amazing views, good for all ages, immersive experience, nice shop, cute cafe, friendly staff

Cons: Mostly outdoors so visit when the weather is nice, there was a video introduction though it wasn’t working, there are loads of steps (especially to the old keep) which aren’t the best for people with mobility difficulties.


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