Museum of the City

Cardiff Story Museum


The museum is in a lovely building in the middle of historic Cardiff. Note the beautiful Christmas market stalls. It has a lovely shop attached with items made right in Cardiff and Wales.



The museum is organised by time period but also focuses on sub-themes like housing, immigrants, industry, etc.  I really liked the slideshows about each time period and how they are colour-coded.



Look at this amazing little object! It was found during an archaeological dig. I love her tudor headpiece. Apparently she is a salt server. I only wish they sold replicas in the gift shop.



The displays are really nice. The objects are well chosen and have a clear theme. I like the immigration display which highlights Cardiff connections beyond the UK and its importance as a port city.



There were also very fun interactives! I particularly enjoyed the smell based ones.  They also help spark memories – they say scent is the closest sense attached to people’s memories.

Rating 5/5

Pros: Great cohesive story, nice small museum, amazing displays, fun interactives, great for all ages, good for people with mobility issues, super cute shop, nice cafe on the top floor.

Cons: I wish it was bigger!


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