Well Designed

Over the holidays I got a chance to visit a museum in a new home!

The Design Museum



The Design Museum recently reopened in its new home in South Kensington next to Holland Park. It’s a really lovely spot. Also, loads of people walk their dogs in the park! – which is always a win for me.




The interior is beautiful with a well lit central hall.  There is surprisingly little exhibition space but there are loads rooms, cafes, two shops and spaces to hang out.  This hall has definitely been a hit on Instagram.




This wall is a collection 100 design icons as voted by the people. I love the Ikea bag! It was so fun and a great introduction to the permanent galleries.




After the 100 objects was this lovely timeline and a triad describing the three main themes of the museum: Designer, User and Maker.




Objects chosen by the museum were ones that helped change the world. For example: shipping containers! Their design revolutionised the shipping industry and therefore the world.  Good design can change so much.




This includes typography and signs! Typefaces like Helvetica or the Johnson (Tube) type are iconic and intentionally easy to read. Good design is clear and efficient in expression.




They even had an amazing giant 3-D printer!  This kind of printing will change the future. What will happen when we can make anything we want? I think good design will win out and hand-crafting skills will become more valued and less common.

Rating: 4/5

Pros: Great collection, amazing building, excellent interpretation and flow of space, fun interactives, helpful staff, fantastic shops, nice cafe and restaurant, cool study spaces, nice location

Cons: The permanent galleries were a bit hard to get to, not a lot of display space, gets crowded, could use more seating for those with mobility issues


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