Lisboa: Past & Present

Lisboa Story Centre

This little museum tells the story of Lisbon from a tiny fishing village to a capitol. You can tell a lot of work went into its creation.




First off, you have to wear headphones! The experience is a combination of audio, videos, objects and set-like areas. There is very little text in the museum. This great for anyone who speaks a different language or is visually impaired.




The story is chronological and uses tons of visual aids like looped videos, maps, images and displays. I loved learning that the Phoenicians settled in Lisbon! And then the Romans, Goths, Moors, and of course the locals.



The Portuguese are well known for their navigation and seafaring! A bit like the Phoenicians actually – they set up ports along the coast of Africa, India and much of Southern Asia.




The lighting and displays were so cool. The sections were well divided and gave a good impression of that era in Lisbon’s history.




Check out the flying priest! SO cool. And yes there is a ship behind him as well. They used the tall space well and had a very clear route for visitors to follow.



Their were two screening rooms that were a fully immersive AV experience. The earthquake one was stupendous and a bit terrifying. As you leave, there is the other screening room that features images of current, modern Lisbon. The modern bit is nicely flexible – they can just update the images and the video in the future to bring it up to date.

Rating: 4/5

Pros: excellent interpretation, cohesive and compelling story, great use of collections, fully immersive experience, great for all ages, good shop, friendly staff

Cons: no cafe, one way only, not a lot of seating for those with mobility issues


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