Yorkshire Museum


The Yorkshire museum is dedicated not only to the city of York but the county of Yorkshire as a whole.  If you are at all into the War of the Roses and Starz new series the White Princess (like me) this place is great!



I favoured the medieval section in the basement. It had the original curators notes next to watercolours he did of the collections. Old school amazing stuff.




The roman bit was super fun and had loads of activities for the young ones or anyone who does not get embarrassed playing dress-up!




They also had a nice quiet library area on the top floor along with a huge natural history galleries.  I always enjoy a giant skeleton on display.



The museum is set in a park next to a ruined abbey – take a wander round the grounds if you have time. You will not regret it!

Rating: 5/5


Pros: Great for kids/ large families, good interpretation the enlivens to collections, diverse collection that all connect back to York (you can sense the Northern Pride), friendly staff, beautiful building and setting


Cons: The layout of the building is a little difficult – I almost missed the medieval section as it was down a flight of stairs. That said the staff their offered to help guide me multiple times! So really that was my bad.


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