Shall I compare thee to the V&A?

Or a summers day? What do you think Shakespeare?? You’re pretty quiet over there for a looming literary figure.


Anyways,  we went to the V&A!!!!!!!!!!!!! There was much rejoicing and the singing of angels (perhaps, I don’t know their lives or even if they would like to be referred to as they/them)  Angels, let me know! Or since we all know Angels are not legally allowed to exist those beings all named Erica who are glowing and have wings could tell me.

The Victoria and Albert Museum (the V&A) is devoted to the Decorative Arts which are my one true love.  Going here for me is the top.  We did not see enough of it but I feel okay with that as I can go every week that I am here- just watch me!

While Pater relaxed at the cafe and in the courtyard, Mum and I went in to the rooms devoted to China, Korea, Plaster casts, Art of the Islamic World, clothing and Europe (300-1200 CE).  As you can imagine, we spent the most of our time in the Arts of the Islamic World. NO WAY!

Their collection is beyond amazing and thinking about about it makes me weep tears of joy. #truth

Without further ado, the photos:


The Ardabil Carpet- only lit up for 1/3 of the hour. AMAZING


Mum matches! WONDERFUL


Safavid tile mural. FANTASTIC


Korean modern fashion STUNNING



Plaster Cast of David STUPENDOUS



Really well displayed stained glass. TERRIFIC


Gloucester Candlestick! AWESOME


I shall not compare thee to the V&A because nothing really can.

Rating: 50/5

Pros: this is my happy place

Cons: It’s not the most engaging place for kids and I wanted to see ALL THE THINGS. Display space is the limiting factor but they have a lot online.

IT’S GREAT!- Me, doing the Tony the Tiger Voice


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