Another Museum? My goodness!

I’ve got something really shocking to tell you all- I have visited another Museum! Are you surprised? Did this revelation knock your socks off? I know it did 😎

For this adventure I was joined by both Mum and Pater and we actually left Central London! It was nice to get a bit away and see a different side to this ginormous city.  The area we went to is where my housing is located so we got to snoop and see where I’m going to live for the next year or so. Two birds, one stone as Mum would say!


The William Morris Gallery



The Gallery is located in William Morris’ childhood home. Behind is a lovely public park called Lloyd Park with victorian gardens, a moat and tennis courts. It’s a really beautiful area in North London.




William Morris was a well known poet, painter, designer and social activist in the Victorian Age.  He fundamentally rebelled against the Industrial Revolution with its shoddy made items and horrible work environments.  Instead, as a late member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, he drew inspiration from the design of the medieval period and the craftsmanship therein.




I personally love his work as a designer of textiles, rugs, furniture and wallpaper.




The gallery had an adorable little gift shop and cafe. Pater recommends the sausage roll (get your mind out of the gutter please!).  The staff were very kind and even complemented me on my dress and pater on his shirt. Each room had a little thing for kids to play with and adults perhaps… my favourite was the build your own church with blocks! It was related to Morris’ love of the Rouen cathedral.




Morris was a man of principles who actually stuck with them.  He was good to his workers, an environmentalist, ardent socialist (before it was cool) and vocal proponent of protecting heritage buildings.



The gallery runs a Young Curators program and devotes one room to a modern display. In the cafe were fun artworks that played with the importance (or lack thereof) modern language versus the historical arts by Adam Hogarth.




Rating: 5/5

Pros: William Morris! Modern discussion of his legacy. Great for kids, great displays. Wonderful for design nerds

Cons: It’s his childhood home rather than the one he built with all his ideals integrated. Not much in the way of AC

It’s pretty close to my residence so get ready to hear lots more about it and my adventures with the reusable bag I bought there!


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