Berlin Buddies

So after my great solo day, I was able to meet up with the talented, lovely and charismatic Alyssa.  It was really great to see her and chill a bit.  We actually met through Museums- we were both volunteers at Roedde House Museum a few years ago!

Naturally, we managed to see a few:



This one is a cute little place by the Nikolai Church. Museum Island is only a few blocks away.  It was built by silk ribbon merchants and the house was restored along with the whole quarter. As you can imagine, much was destroyed by WWII and the restoration came after re-unification of the city.  It was fun to check out and the gift shop was pretty adorable.

Rating: 3/5

Pros: Fun, small and bit like time travelling

Cons: Just a cursory look at the family and area. Mostly about the furniture and I like stories better. 


I think my best memory of Berlin was getting to chat and catch-up with Alyssa. It’s a great city to relax and people-watch. We ended up at a pretty cool bar called Solar that had swings to sit on! The beer was not our favourite but the view was worth it.


Also, if you were worried- we did get Currywurst! DO NOT FEAR


Thanks Alyssa! And Guten Natch Berlin!


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