Palaces, Tea and Cakes

VIENNA! The home of Klimt, the Holy Roman Emperors, Mozart and Opera Houses.

It’s really lovely here. Walking around you can see how other cities have attempted to emulate the charm and majesty of Vienna.


I’m a big fan of the Art Nouveau style so I am trying to hit as many Vienna Secession style buildings I can find! GET READY PEOPLE

The palatial architecture is really something to see.  It’s integrated right into the city and since the Holy Roman Empire is a thing of the past, many have been converted into Museums, libraries, galleries, and more.

It’s really something. As I walk around, it’s like being in a mythical place.  Nothing feels quite real but the city is very lived in. I’ve come across way fewer tourists than I did in Berlin.


I even walked by a Cake shop that is perhaps the most famous here and they have a few secret recipes!

If I were Nancy Drew, I may have found those secrets for you but alas. A girl can dream (and eat cake).


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