Room Tour!


I’m officially all settled in London now.  I’m living in a Residence organized by the school.  We’ll see how I handle having roommates after being on my own for a few YEARS.


Mum and I actually made this duvet cover back when I moved to Vancouver. It’s still gorgeous. Wanna guess whose pattern it is?



Are we psychic or what?



Honestly I just hope they aren’t young-in’s who are trying to figure out their optimum alcohol intake.  So far, I’m the first one here.  Just have to wait and see.  You can expect some snarky comments in the future.



Thankfully, I have my very own room and washroom!  The washroom is a wet room which is a little interesting.  I’ll just say SQUEEGEES ARE GOD’S GIFT. For reals.



As many of you know, I’m rather house-proud and nest HARD.  Let’s just say I was all moved in with art up within three days. No big. Also, Washi tape is a wonder.  It doesn’t ruin walls! #important #dormlyfe



The residence itself is nice enough but a bit far out.  Though it’s only a 20-30min tube ride to school and the city proper! Let’s just say I live close to the Ikea.  The tiles are pretty sweet at the stop. Look at that couple! They have live chickens! ON A BOAT! And a DOG!



I’ve been making my way through the recommended readings before school. Got to get used to the academic life and language.  It’s been nice too! It’s reinvigorating me and leaves me feeling positive about starting school.



Also, if anyone reading has time, I’m all settled and up for skyping 🙂 With no roommates it’s kinda quiet up here.


At least I can chat with Peggy! She’s a great listener.


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