Auf Wiedersehen Vienna! ‘Allo London

Vienna was a whirlwind tour of 48 hours. It was NOT ENOUGH TIME. Not even close.  I did manage to see some hot spots before I left.

The Cafe Museum (OF COURSE I went here, how could you doubt me??)

It was designed by Alfred Loos and it was spectacular- Check it out:


I really loved it. It’s inviting, warm and has lots of clean lines.  It really embodies a lot of what the Viennese Secessionists were trying to do- create unfussy spaces.  The look very much bridges the period between Art Nouveau and Art Deco.


Also, I was like the only tourist in there!

The Belvedere


This Museum is housed in the former Summer palace of Prince Eugene of Savoy. It includes an Orangerie, formal gardens, privy gardens, upper and lower houses, stables and a former menagerie. Basically, its super swanky!


The Upper Belvedere contains the art collections with the largest number of Klimts! Score!


Here’s me with a friend I made. She’s cool but talks mostly in riddles. It can get rather annoying after awhile.


Bad jokes aside.I was able to see The Kiss and Judith among other pieces.  One thing I hadn’t realized from the photos of these pieces is the FRAMES! They are really stunning.  Gilded wood.  Naturally, no photos inside. 💩

Here’s one from the Klimt site so you can see the frame:




Rating: 4/5

Pros: Great space, great collection, has a gallery for modern art to complement the historic collection.  Even has pieces in dialogue with the older collection.

Cons: I really needed a water fountain and couldn’t find one! It’s super big and there aren’t as many written signs as I’d like (in fairness I could’ve gotten the whispers of satan).



After the Belvedere, I needed some water and decided to get my cake and eat it too.


I went to the Cafe Mozart on the Albertine Square. I had the waiter suggest one- so I actually don’t know what kind it was. It was DELICIOUS and had apricot jelly.  The cafe has been open since 1704 and was just stunning inside. I purposefully sat by the cake display case:


YUM. Also, I ordered like a jug of water with Elderflower and the waiter actually looked around to see if another person was joining me.  It’s like dude, it is hot, I sweat, let me hydrate in peace. With cake.

Vienna was my last stop before returning to London to get settled in. A lovely high note.


I’m currently in my residence up in North London. It’s pretty nice and better than I expected.  As many of you know, I am a nester. And I nested pretty HARD.

wha’ts that I hear?

You want a room tour?

HOLD YOUR HORSES (less carriages)

Hmmm, well that would be a good theme from my next post…


Also upcoming: Liberte hunts for the best burrito in London! An exciting adventure of derring-do, stunning heroism, dire mistakes  and food babies!


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