Fall Fashions

I love fall/ autumn/ when plants die in the northern hemisphere.  It’s the best and easily my favourite season. #basic

Yesterday, I was eating lunch in Russell Square (I CAN DO THAT NOW) (and yes that is in fact where the fictional PC Peter Grant lives, what a coincidence) and got to people watch.

The best characters:

Person wearing Jeans and a T-Shirt 😱

Person wearing mittens and a sweater 🙅

Tourists walking around with maps and down jackets 🌋

School children running around in blazers and trousers 👼

Pigeons dresses in white 🐦

People wearing outdoor scarves 👍

People wearing indoor scarves 😅

Bro taking a nap standing up 😬

Dog wearing a great coat of mud 🐶

Best Dressed?

Obviously, Top American Designer Michael Kors

Not really! The DOG OBVIOUSLY 


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