Natural Histories

School Field Trip number two!


We got to tour around with a Museum Architecture expert! It was pretty darn amazing.  The museum is massive (as expected).  We entered just as they opened and it felt like walking into Notre Dame or something. I was expecting some angels or a choir to start singing.




The entrance hall! Darwin is sitting up there where an alter would be. Church to science much? (He’s the one in the middle.)




BIRDS by Audubon (for whom the Audubon Society is named after).  His book the “Birds of America” is very rare and incredibly expensive.  He hand drew all 435 images.




The geology gallery! It’s set up as it was when the museum opened in 1881.  It’s not the most user friendly for non-experts.  Though it shows the history of museum gallery designs.  Looks great in photos!




So pretty!




The Treasures gallery. It’s got 25 of the highlights of the collection with iPads to check out more info.  There’s a first edition of Darwin’s Origin of Species and Audubon’s Birds of America.  Cool skulls among other things.  The descriptions are nice but are very dependent upon tech.







(it’s about pygmy elephants)


Rating: 4/5

Pros: Amazing collection, super cool building, nice shop, lots of galleries that talk about the varied disciplines within Natural History

Cons: Super noisy and some galleries have tight quarters


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