Wiltshire Museum Devizes

Class trip numero tres!



For this lovely spot we got to take a bus trip as it is located in the town of Devizes in the county of Wiltshire.  I thoroughly confused Pater when I told him where I went. Devizes is not a weird spelling of devices no matter what your brain is telling you.




We were able to explore a bit around the place.  It’s actually three historic buildings whose walls have been torn out.  The middle one used to be a school while the flanking buildings were Georgian houses. Apparently there are 25 different levels within the museum.




It’s notable for its world class collection of Bronze Age items.  They have a better collection than the British Museum (GASP).  Unfortunately it’s close to Stonehenge but not quite close enough to get all the tourists.




It’s a gem of a place. They recently updated the Bronze Age exhibit and it’s top notch. 10/10 – would go again.  The museum has lots of events, talks, lectures and even archaeological surveys.




Beautiful displays!  The lighting resets every 20 minutes and builds from dawn to dusk.  It keeps it fresh and makes you forget you’re in a basement.




That red bead is the oldest piece of glass found in Britain!



Fancy, fancy gold!

Other exhibits include the Saxons, the history of Devizes from the middle ages onwards, Roman Britain and naturally the World War I display that is ubiquitous due to the centenary.




This was perhaps my favourite item (sorry glitzy ancient gold).  It’s a tea leaf mixer!  Back before teas were standardized, people would get their own special blend.  Wicked awesome!!

Rating: 4/5

Pros: There is something for everyone, cool historic stuff, a nice focus on local history, great programs

Cons: It’s not the most accessible for people with disabilities and needs more places to sit, it’s also a bit tricky to find


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