Grant Museum of Zoology


The Grant museum is one of the many at UCL. We were able to actually have class before they opened.  The museum manager gave a talk about the history of the collections, museum and zoology.



The entrance is pretty snazzy with specimens painted outside.  It really catches your eye when you enter the building.  Classes are also held in the building so it needs to stand out for non-students.




Creepy crawlies in liquids 🐙  Pretty standard.  The museum is located it the old Medical Library so it’s got that whole Victoriana vibe going. It really works.




LOOK AT THIS GIANT EGG.  The ostrich, which lays the largest egg today, looks so puny in comparison.




The collection was founded by Darwin’s main scientific supporter, Thomas Henry Huxley, who helped make evolution the important theory it is today.  He began the collection because of his work as a comparative anatomist. Cause if you want to compare things you kind need to look at them.




They have a collection of extinct animal models. You can totally re-enact Wash’s “Curse you sudden but inevitable betrayal” line from Firefly any day, forever!!!




They have an art show on now looking at beings made of Silica (basically glass) and this was my favourite piece. Its breathtaking.


Rating: 4/5

Pros: Super cool, amazing space, massive collection and stunning exhibits

Cons: A little too gross for my taste. I can’t really handle seeing a jar full of voles. Tight quarters so watch out!


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