B-Day & RA

Birthday Museum post p.2


After the Courtauld Gallery I headed to Covent Garden for a Birthday Burrito at Benito’s Hat. Yum


The Royal Academy of Arts




The Academy has been the bastion of great English artists since it was founded.  If you see an artist with the letters  RA after their name it means they’ve made it.  They are a living great.  The Academy exhibits lots of different things.  Currently on is an exhibit by Ai Wei Wei which had super long queues.




Personally, I went to see the Jean-Etienne Liotard.  He’s famous for portraiture of royals, elites and the middle class.  His works helped to bring Turkish styles and a wave of orientalism to western Europe.



I liked the minatures a lot. I didn’t take many photos cause nobody else was.  Peer pressure is real kids!



If anyone recalls my visit to the Leighton House Museum (who am I kidding, nobody does) see it here x.  Lord Leighton was the President of the RA from 1878-1896.

Rating: 3/5

Pros: I liked the exhibit but it wasn’t ground breaking, I wanted a serious look at orientalism and its issues. It was gorgeous and super aestheticly pleasing.  Also the courtyard and architecture were sweet

Cons: There was not much else to see (unless you had a specific ticket).  I’d have liked to see the works of people currently in the RA.  Perhaps there was a gallery but I couldn’t find it easily.

After the RA I wandered around a bit and managed to walk down this cool arcade:


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