Once Morris into the breach

Birthday museum visit part 3! This is the last one guys so don’t worry.

So, my lovely Mum took a tote bag that I bought (with MY MONEY) at the William Morris Gallery.  Obviously I needed another one. And today was the DAY.



Basically it’s the bomb. And Mum and I match now.

We went the first time because it’s near my dorms and we wanted to scope it out.  This time it was for me to enjoy.



I really enjoy it. It’s (Tahiti) a wonderful place. Read all about our previous encounter here x.



Gorgeous Gardens!  The park behind is also lovely. The view out the window is beautiful.




Special Exhibition: Art is a Human Right by Bob and Roberta Smith



It’s all about getting people involved in our political processes and making sure all the art funding is not cut from schools.  Morris would have been the Smith’s greatest supporter.

Part of the exhibit is standing on a soap box and declaiming your opinions. I saw kids doing it and its was adorable!



Such lovely displays!



I really like the Daffodil Wood Block prints. You can touch them!

In the end I did get my tote bag!



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