Aye, Scotland

It’s READING WEEK! And since Ryanair was having a sale, I made the rash (but excellent) decision to head up north.  The flight to Edinburgh took only an hour and cost me 8 pounds (so like 12$USD). The Canadian dollar is still doing so poorly I tear up at the thought of it. Le sad.



Anyways, Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland (but you knew that already you smarty pants you!).  And it is STUNNING.

There’s a castle (ahem, Edinburgh Castle- no idea how it got that name) literally in the centre of the city.  It rises up super dramatically and very prettily.



After I arrived I did exactly what you should expect of me by now. I VISITED MUSEUMS.  #nerd

I got in around 10am at the airport which was perfect as most museums open at 10! What a lark.  On day 1 I managed to visit 3 museums.

The Georgian House Museum (National Trust Scotland)



The Museum is located at Number 7 Charlotte Square which was (and still is) one of the most fashionable addresses in all of Edinburgh.



The ‘Georgian’ part of the name refers to George III who was the King of England at the time. It’s the same a referring to something as Victorian (aka during the reign of Queen Vicky).  Now the square is named after his Queen consort…. you guessed it Charlotte! (Five points for Ravenclaw)



The museum was lovely.  I talked to like everyone working there (I believe they were all volunteers) and they answered my many questions.



Also, there were school kids running around with period costumes on! So cute. I naturally did not take any photos of that because that would be beyond creepy.



I particularly enjoyed the Servants’ quarters (duh the kitchen is down there!)




Rating: 5/5

Pros: Each room has written info as well as a live volunteer, the house is decorated to perfection, they have a film to watch first that really shows what life was like and was filmed in the house, the gift shop is great. And kids will like it too!

Cons: I was too big to fit into the costumes. It would be tricky for anyone who has mobility issues.

Also, DON’T PANIC there will be more updates about the other two I visited on Day 1


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