National Museum of Scotland

Here it is the LAST post about Day 2.


I did it! I ate Haggis. It was pretty excellent 🙂

It was necessary.

National Museum of Scotland


Check out this hall!  The Museum has amazing interactives and displays.


Northwest Coast represented! This game is a great way to unlock the visual styles.


This may have been my favourite interactive.  It was related to the multicultural displays around food and eating. I got to lift the covers to smell different scents. They’ve got saffron, vanilla and ginger.


The main hall! Beyond beautiful and the cafe on level three was gorgeous and  super chill.


The Early people’s gallery! It was the most intuitive space I have ever been in.


This one gets the award for best caption “Drunk in charge”


This one gets the award for worst caption “Weird rock?”


I love this piece based on Mughal miniatures about Singh’s and Scotland. This has the excellent title of “Laird Singh’s his tartan’s praises” by the Singh Twins

Rating 5/5

Pros: It’s great! It’s all excellent. GO GO GO

Cons: It’s so big you can’t do it all at once. And they are opening MORE galleries so a bit in the middle is closed off.


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