Modern Art, School Work and Splashes

Day 3 in Edinburgh will be only one post.  I can hear your relief from here.  Same.

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art 1 & 2

I only went to the Modern Art Museum but it was so big it’s actually in two different mansions across the street from each other. So really it was a 2 for 1 situation.



The special exhibition was “Modern Scottish Women” and was really lovely.  Sadly no photos allowed.  I enjoyed it although modern art is not my jam.  I get bored and confused some time after 1945 or so.  Art for me is a depiction of the social and historical situation of the time and I just don’t get that out of the philosophical modern art stuff.  I see it as aesthetically pleasing (or not!) for the most part.


One thing I could photograph was the section about Women Illustrators!


It was a nice little one room display in a library.  It was great to see and I assume was in conjunction with the special exhibition.  Illustrators always make me artistically jealous- those clean lines are to die for.



Max Ernst!  Every time I’m at a modern art museum I am always drawn to his work.  This time was no exception.



Neon art! Edinburgh Castle is behind the trees on the left- a fair way off.  Sadly it was much more obvious in person.



This piece reads “Everything is Going To Be Alright” by Martin Creed.

It’s one of a series (?) I think.  Vancouver has a version on the Wing Sun buildings.  You can see it from the Skytrain between Chinatown and Main St. Science World stations.  It was a bit like a friend saying hello.



More outdoor art!  I imagine it looks cool from the air. So you know -art for the birds. Bird Art.

Rating: 3/5

Pros: Cool space, diverse collection, great special exhibiton and super nice cafe’s

Cons: It’s high concept (like most modern art museums) not the best for kids, lots of walking

As I’ve mentioned I’m on break right now from school.  Though that of course really only encourages professors to assign more homework.  I spent a lot of time in the cafe working on a paper that’s due in about two weeks or so.  I really can’t quite get over the fact that I am studying Museums and doing it in Museums.


I really love Vancouver but the fact is I really couldn’t have taken a trip like this.  Though shout-out to the rain for reminding me what VanCity is like six months out of the year.

To compound the greatness that is being sick on holiday I was given the opportunity to reenact the gag moment of a lot of films.

😷        ☔️           🚘           🌊

When I was walking from the Museums back to the hotel a car drove by and COMPLETELY SOAKED ME.  A tidal wave of puddle water attacked me.  I was waterproof from the mid-thigh up (Van City Rules). BUT mid-thigh down was so so so so totally wet.  And then Edinburgh decided now was a good time to practice snowing.  It melted as it touched the ground but I was walking uphill, soaking, in the rain with a head cold.  This is where the magic happens.  I got back to hotel warmed up, wrote more of my paper and treated my self to Mac and Cheese.

Happy Endings all around


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