London through the Ages

Mum and I managed to visit the Museum of London!  Pater had to work unfortunately. He really missed out.



We ended up taking a double-decker bus there which was fun. I’m usually one of the mole people and stay underground.  The light was blinding and my night vision will never be the same.


Sidenote: they have a current special exhibition about the Metropolitan Police’s ‘Black Museum.’ We did not go to see it as it really didn’t interest us at all.

Museum of London




The museum is located right next to the famous and massive Barbican Centre.  It’s a little convoluted to get to the entrance but everything is really well posted.




Throughout the museum there is a very clear focus on the city rather than the people who ruled it.  The visit begins with the prehistory of London, even before the Thames was really here.




The Roman gallery was the most dated but had a great audio-visual element where you could see the real Roman London ruins through a window! Pretty darn cool!




Mum and I really enjoyed the Vauxhall pleasure gardens display that create the atmosphere with dressed mannequins (in AMAZING outfits and hats) with seating and a film.




Also, seeing the Suffragette section was great!  It’s amazing to realise how far we’ve come.  It’s crazy to think that is was less than a century ago. We’ve still got a lot to work on.



Rating: 5/5

Pros: Coheseive concept, great updated galleries, amazing shop, great for repeat visits, good amount of seating and way-finding maps, well done audio-visuals, inventive interactives, great focus on multiculturalism throughout the galleries

Cons: In the Stewart England it got really cramped, some a/v presentations were loud and distracted you in the galleries

We highly recommend it!


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