2015 Wrap-up

Happy New Years Eve’s everyone!

Before the clock strikes 12 or whatever I thought I could reflect on my blog.

The Stats:

Date Created: August 1st 2015

Duration of Blog (As of this post): 5 months!

Number of posts: 78 (with this one!)


The Museums:

Number of Museums visited and reviewed: 54

Number of Locations: 12

Percentage of visits in London: 50%


The Ratings:

10/10: 14 Museums

9/10: 12 Museums

8/10: 11 Museums

7/10: 9 Museums

6/10: 5 Museums

5/10: 2 Museums

4/10-0/10: 0 Museums


Honestly, I am just really happy that I have stuck with this blog! I find it really helpful for my studies and simply to just keep track of where I’ve been. Museum fatigue is a real threat.


From all this data you can see that not every post is a review or about museums (though most are!). And when it comes to my rating system I tend to give 10/10’s pretty frequently and nothing below a 5/10.  My bias is that I am a big old softie who loves museums.  Also, they are really good!


There will be some changes in 2016 to what Museums I visit.  With this last post about the Museum of London I will have finally (FINALLY) visited all of the major (like really big) ones in London.  So my posts are going to start becoming about smaller operations and likely more heritage houses. I’m excited to see what happens!


Wishing you a fantastic 2016! Thanks for sticking with me.


Liberte of London


Please note: this post was written before the great rating system change of 2016.  Currently, museums are rated out of 5 not 10.


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