Amsterdam Adventures

Mum, Pater and I are visiting Amsterdam!  They’ve got some friends here so it’s worked out beautifully.

It’s a gorgeous city with lots of canals and bridges. Some of the holiday decorations are still up and it’s a little magical at night.

After getting to our hotel we decided to take a walk. Any guess where?



Yes! A museum! My goodness you are clever.

Museum Van Loon



This museum is a heritage house museum.  It was the family home of the Van Loon’s who were part of the elite class of Amsterdam.  The house is beautiful and decorated with portraits of family members through the centuries.




There are little info sheets in each room.  They highlight different furniture or paintings.  You also get handed a small info booklet that gives you a few facts about each room.




The kitchen was really lovely! It isn’t very far underground as the water is so close here.  It looks out into the garden.




This is the view from the dining room over the canal.  The mirrors are giant and original! They were a big sign of wealth and power. Can you imagine having to transport them in the 17th century? What a nightmare.




This may have been my favourite room as every wall was painted.  It was really stunning and even covered all the doorways. We had fun finding all the doors that were made to look like the walls.




In the back garden is another building that holds the cafe and is the special exhibition space.  It’s a really nice space as it allows them to change everything up without messing with the house itself.  I personally liked this little model of the church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

Rating: 5/5

Pros: Great building, decor, collection, very nice staff!, good cafe, beautifully done

Cons: Not enough info about the family, tricky for anyone with mobility issues as there are lots of stairs


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