Dead hearts are everywhere

This week I went to an Anti-Valentines Day event and it was a blast! Got to do lots of fun activities, hang with friends AND the icing on the cake- it was in A MUSEUM!

So, all my favourite things in one place 🙂




The event was organised by members of my class (Hi!!!) at the Jewish Museum London! The whole thing was frighteningly wonderful!


Anti- Valentine Fright Night- Jewish Museum London



The Jewish Museum’s current temporary exhibition is all about BLOOD.  One of the many activities that I partook in was a Curator’s Tour with Joanne Rosenthal. She was fantastic!




The theme of Blood is followed from its conception in the Hebrew Bible, the horrors of the Blood Libel and up to modern day science of transfusion and genetics. It connects Blood to Jewish culture, religion and history as a force that both unites and divides.

The exhibition is stunning and incredibly well done. It’s a very serious and difficult subject but is truly expertly handled. Check it out if you have a chance!




Other activities included Object Handling tables with curators from UCL Galton Collection, Royal College of Surgeons and the Old Operating Theatre.   And yes that IS a Bone Saw in that photo. AHAHAHA.




We also made BLOOD necklaces! Fun AND stylish.




Yet another cool activity- you could sit and watch the cult classic (or just classic?) film Nosferatu.  It was a really smart idea as it’s a SILENT FILM so chatting was okay! Vampires always pair so well with blood.




We also got a FREE Bloody Mary (there was plenty of garlic on hand to keep any real vampires out)!  The Bartender was a show as well. He made the drinks to order (as there are an impossible amount of flavour combinations).




The whole evening was a bloody delight!  There were even more fun things happening like horror movie make-up station, a fear wall, a talk with a photographer whose work is on the ground flood – Through a Queer Lens: Portraits of LGTBQ Jew (those photos were stunning), looking at blood under a microscope and a live musical performance.

If you get a chance to go to a Late Night event at the Jewish Museum- DO IT! It’s fun and action packed.


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