Friday Night Fever

I went to a Silent Disco at the Natural History Museum!



It was a Late Night Event that actually had two events.  The Silent Disco was the later one. Tickets sold out super fast!



Now, you are likely wondering, “What is a Silent Disco?” Which is a very good question.  As you can see from my selfie in the washroom, you get some super cool headphones that light up!  Rather than blasting music via speakers, everyone gets their own headphones with three channels!



Each channel had a different colour- Top 40 was Blue, R&B/ Hip-Hop was Red and EDM/ Electronic was green.  It was great because you could see who was listening to what while also enjoying every song.



On the steps were the three DJ’s battling it out.  I flipped channels a lot but I think the Blue DJ got the crowd going the most.  Singing along was encouraged if a bit odd. I mean is it a disco or a SILENT disco?



The event only took place in the central entrance hall which holds the lovely Dippy the Dinosaur!



It was a lot of fun! Thanks for a great night girls/ NHM!


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