Ahh, Bath time

After our visit to Jane Austen’s House Museum, mum and I stayed on trend and made it to the city of Bath! Ironically Bath is perhaps the location most associated with Austen though she did not enjoy  living there at all.  Many of her characters also visit the city so I kinda felt like I was reliving the novels a wee bit.

The reason Bath is so highly visited in the novels and historically is that it has a naturally occurring hot spring!  It is famous for its Roman Baths which are incredibly well preserved. They were first on our list of must-see’s!

The Roman Baths Bath



This attraction has won loads of awards and rightly so! It is lovely and really well presented.  If you feel like it, please google them because my photos cannot do them justice at all. Go ahead! I’ll wait.


Beautiful, right?




It’s really well organised.  You start the tour on the upper level and make your way down. There was an optional audioguide but since Mum and I speak english as a first language we didn’t opt for them. Also I hate them.




They use projections really well and even introduce a cast of 6-7 characters who reappear throughout the experience (like a priest, slave, rich male and female patrons, etc).




The Baths date from Roman times and discuss the history of Bath and these baths, how they were used and built. They used the archaeological remains to show the history as well. A few pieces had replicas which visitors can touch. Something I always enjoy.





Finally you get to walk around the main hot pool which visitors see at the beginning but from the upper level. It’s truly stunning. I liked feeling the heat radiating from it.



At the very end you could even try some of the waters!  Hot spring waters have a long tradition of being healthy and good for various health issues.  They often taste a bit odd due to the minerals that come with the water.

Rating: 5/5

Pros: Well done all around, amazing site/ story, great for all ages, lots of places to sit, fun shop, lots of interactives, nice cafe, world heritage site

Cons:  You can’t swim in the baths 😦 but seriously the stones are a bit treacherous by the pool so be careful!

The cafe aka THE PUMP ROOM



Attached to the Roman Baths is a Georgian building where the Pump Room Restaurant resides.  It appears in Austen’s work as one of the social centres of Bath. Where you could sample the waters of the hot spring. Which you CAN STILL DO.



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