The Royal Crescent

In Bath, there are a few iconic places. One of them is the lovely Royal Crescent. Its a row of opulent town houses (with amazing views) that follow the shape of a half moon.  If you’ve ever seen any Austen adaptations you’ll most likely recognise it!



It of course panders (smartly) to the Austen loving crowd and the museum found within is decorated as if an Austen heroine could walk in at any moment. This sign made us laugh pretty hard:




No. 1 Royal Crescent Museum



Yet another Georgian House Museum! The entry is wonderful and so is the gentleman dressed as a footman!  To buy your ticket you must go to another door down, watch a film and then enter through the front door. A little awkward but it had a nice intro to the Crescent.




There are volunteers in every room who know TONNES about every little thing.  The table setting in the dining room is a work of art made of marzipan and sugar sculptures. It was amazing!

There are also info cards in each room for those who are a bit shy speaking to the volunteers.



Each room was impeccably decorated with period furnishings. Almost nothing belonged to any former occupants though.  Bath during the Georgian period was a bit like Las Vegas today. Lots of rich people spending money, driving fast, gambling, and indulging in the vices.




I really loved this (with)Drawing room.  Mostly the colour combinations of the coral and gold.  They would play cards, draw, read, gossip, take tea or even play music and dance a bit.

Along with being a city where the Ton played hard it was also a city of renting.  In London, families owned their homes; here they would rent rooms (one or a whole house) depending on their social standing, finances and ability to secure good rooms.




It was the staff of these houses that really ruled.  In the lower floor was the housekeeper’s suite.  She would even keep the fancy food in her room under lock and key!




In the basement Mum and I got to try on some pretty bonnets! They had two chests filled with dress-up stuff. The clothing was for children so I made do with the hat.



The last rooms in the house were the Kitchens!  Always a highlight for me and mum.

Rating: 4/5

Pros: Great location/ building, lovely collection, cute shop, super nice staff/ volunteers, great room guides, good for all ages, fun dress up stuff, good curation.

Cons: The story of the house was VERY Georgian. I would have liked to hear about the house after that period, figuring out how to enter/ pay was tricker than needed.


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