When in Deutschesland!

After finally submitting my dissertation (YAY!), Pater came for a quick visit. Together we took a little trip. First stop was Munich!

Deutsches Museum


Like Berlin, Munich has its own museum island! Home to the Deutsches Museum.  Pater and I had planned to bright and early but only managed to make it late in the day – had to stop a Biergarten of course!


They are updating some galleries so there was construction in front of the beautiful Astrological clock.  I’d love to come back after it is finished.


First off, look at this amazing way-finding! The iconography is so cool and smart for any no german speaking visitors like myself.  It was so cool and handy. If you look close you can see that the museum focuses on science and industry for the most part.

The galleries are large and brightly lit from a series of light wells.  Makes for great photos!

Pater was a big fan of the maritime gallery! It was so flipping massive – holy smokes.  There was an entire tall ship you could walk inside of.

We decided to visit the mining galleries. Which was somewhat of a mistake.  That said it would be a fantastic ride at Disneyland or something. It was one way only and we walked through pretty briskly and it took us at least 20 mins.  The hallways recreated mine shafts and types of mine work. And in these dark caves were fully dressed mannequins. Truly terrifying.

I MEAN LOOK AT THIS! AAAHHHH. We only saw like 6 other people the whole time. After that experience we were done.

Afterwards we stopped at the lovely cafe and shop. I got some awesome apple juice drink. Minus the mine experience it was a great time! There was a working watermill in one gallery!

Rating: 4/5

Pros: Amazing collection, great location, beautiful building, kind staff, lovely cafe, cool shop, interesting way-finding.

Cons: THE MINES, some construction, washrooms were far away from the galleries, may need more seating for anyone with mobility issues


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