Zwei Pinakothek!

Munich is lucky enough to have loads of great museums and we did not have enough time to visit them all. As I studied Art History in my undergrad I am always partial to the art museums.  I never know what masterpieces I’ll meet.

Alte Pinakothek


This museum is under renovation but if you look at the brickwork you can see where it was rebuilt after damage sustained in WWII. The Alte Pinakothek features works dating from before the 1860s.


They’ve got works from all the big names in western european canon – Rubens, Eyck, Raphael, Caravaggio, etc.


I love this Titan piece! Titian was one of the leaders of the Venetian school of art. Even the frame is gorgeous!


Look how amazing this architecture is! Most people were over at Oktoberfest so we had the place mostly to ourselves. It was peaceful like a church or something.  I’m not sure why but people whisper in front of artworks. As if they could hear you!


This was my favourite of the Rubens. Its a self portrait of himself and a portrait of his first wife.  I enjoy imaging what they were like together and their relationship.


Rating 4/5

Pros: Fantastic collection of pieces, gorgeous architecture, very kind staff, high quality shop, delicious cafe (the spaetzle was amazing!), easy to find washrooms, elevators and seating

Cons: It’s a bunch of art hung in a beautiful building. There was no story, nothing new and could have been anywhere else.

Neue Pinakothek


Unlike the Alte Pinakothek the Neue Pinakothek was not stable enough to be rebuilt. They designed a new building with a lovely path that takes you throughout the place. Its filled with interior windows, views and sight lines.


As the Alte Pinakothek is under construction some of their collection is here: behold one of my fav’s Madame de Pompadour! 


The collection takes you through time – 1860s onwards to about 1925 or so. If you want the moderns there is even another Pinakothek – Moderne Pinakothek. We didn’t have time for that one (and honestly I wasn’t as interested). Its a more philosophical less historical type of art.


A Van Gogh Sunflowers! Unlike the one at the London’s National Gallery I was able to stand in front of this one without ruining people’s photographs. It was a pleasure to actual study his brushwork up close.


Klimt!!! If you read my posts from Vienna you’ll know I am a bit of fan.  The dress in this portrait looks like it may have been designed by Klimt himself. He would sometimes pose his models in dress of his own design.  Since it’s all white its a bit hard to tell in the photograph. 


View from the cafe terrace!

Rating: 4/5

Pros: I liked the recommended pathway-it took us all around the building and showed off the architecture.  Great collection and empty enough to actually see the pieces, great cafe and shop, nice staff.

Cons: Once again, it doesn’t tell a story. Just places art in chronological order and grouped by school


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