Wonders and Kunstkammers

And here we go! Yet ANOTHER Museum. I did warn you guys in the bio.


Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien


It’s big, beautiful and has lots of wonderful treasures inside!

There are multiple sections and divisions though generally between artworks and artifacts.  The artifacts really show just how wealthy the Holy Roman Empire was. Often they were stored in a cabinet called a wunderkrammer or kunstkammer which translates roughly as “cabinet of wonders/curiosities”.  One of my TA’s taught me about them in first year and I’ve always wanted to see more.  They received the most amazing gifts, it’s hard to believe.

The Gold Cellini Salt Cellar:


A Cup from a Bezoar – though to stop poisoning (just like in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!)


Massive Sculpture of Thesus and a Minotaur by Antonio Canova


La Infanta by Velasquez


It was really a treat to see all the wealth that had been seen by only the few for centuries.  The art collection was truly stunning and all the artifacts were so over the top it was actually funny.  It amazes me because these of course are the best pieces on display,

Rating: 5/5

Pros: lots of fun things to look at with great display methods.

Cons: It doesn’t engage with the modern much and I love to see good comparisons or things inspired by these seminal works.  The text is rather limited on explanations.

Vienna Secession Building

No photos were allowed in the mural room of Klimt’s ode to Mozart’s 9th Symphony.  The building was made to show the group’s new interpretation of style. It contrasts starkly against the palaces and Old World look of Vienna’s Ringstrasse.


Rating: 4/5

Pros: The Klimt mural is spectacular and totally worth seeing. The building itself is interesting to just move through the space. If you like art nouveau as much as I do it’s a must see.

Cons: It’s between special exhibitons (it still exhibits modern art!) and thus I didn’t get to see really any other rooms.


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